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If you are a beginner looking to start making plugins or anything music related: BUY THIS COURSE. It takes you from C++ scratch all the way to the finish line and afterwards you will have made your own plugin. But that summarisation doesn’t tell the full tale. The real value is in all the code review provided along the way, where you are permitted to make and learn from your mistakes which is indispensable when it comes to truly understanding what you are doing. The course isn’t slick or flashy; it’s just a great piece of homecooking that will give all you all you need for incredible value. I only finished the course a few weeks ago and I already know it will be one of the best decisions I ever made. Just do it already! Russ Yallop, April 2021.
Russ Yallop
I also wanted to say how much I appreciate the format of the course as well. Having a solid introduction to Git/GitHub as well as having regular practice using it has been super valuable for me. I went through the software dev program at Glendale Community College last year and that wasn't something that we even touched on in all of the classes that I took there.
Jerry Lee Melton
great course. there's a TON of information here, and it's very comprehensive. the teacher is completely available so make sure to take advantage of the tasks and their advice. the course moves quickly, but if you're looking to really dive in then it's exactly what you'll need to get you programming audio in no time. highly recommend
D.B. Sanchez
Just wanted to reach out and say that your PFM class is already exceeding my expectations - these videos are great! I went through the first round of videos on Windows and Mac and it was easy with your instructions. I’ve been doing a lot of research into JUCE and I’ve noticed that you are really active on the forums which is encouraging. I really appreciate you for sharing the esoteric knowledge 😃
Matt P.
I had been trying to learn C++ by myself for a long time, this course was the motivation that I needed. The instructor knows the subject really well, has a lot of energy and dedication answering questions, and made an impressive work choosing the key topics (that would take much longer getting there independently) that is the high point and makes this course unique for me.
G. Varela
I couldn't be happier with the course! It teaches C++ in one of the most efficient manners I've ever been presented with, in ways that help you immediately understand the material and the reasons for doing so. I'd even recommend this course to people who aren't particularly interested in Audio, it nails the fundamentals so well.
D. Braunstein
I signed up thinking the first two weeks would be a wash. Obviously, I know about variables and functions and structs...I was wrong. By video 0 I was learning things I hadn't even thought to figure out. Real life skills like setting up a git repo.
I feel ready to start developing my project and get out into the workforce.
J. Diaz

Very interesting course, I really like this sort of initiative and I hope there's another course that goes deeper into JUCE and DSP. Chuck does a good job explaining very specific parts of C++.
F. Fernandez

I found this course really helpful for me to get over the fear I’ve had of C++
I think this course has lots of value. Charles was quick to respond to the questions I asked on the Slack channel. I feel like I'll have the tools to be a good programmer after I finish the course and have a good foundation to continue further studies on the subject!
C. Moody

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