TaskQueue for Windows & OS X

TaskQueue is based around the idea that if you have a large project, you can split it up into smaller tasks.  If you are trying to accomplish A, and A requires B, C, and D, then you can’t say you’ve accomplished A until B, C, and D are done.

Programmers find themselves using this mindset and thought process continuously during the development process.  For example, we want to make a button spawn a dialog box that saves a preset in our app or plugin.  In order to accomplish that little job, we have to know how to create a button, make a button do something when it’s clicked, create a dialog window to pick a save location, and write a file to disk.  Only after we implement those smaller tasks will we be able to say that we have implemented a button that saves a file to disk. 

This is the premise behind TaskQueue.  The goal of the app is to help you organize and split your projects into smaller and smaller tasks that are easy to manage and accomplish in an extremely easy manner.  

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