Build PFM::Project11 from scratch using JUCE and modern C++

Learn how to:

  • Build an 8-band Stereo/MidSide/DualMono Parametric EQ with Automatic Gain Compensation
  • Build Level meters showing Instantaneous and Averaged RMS
  • Build a Decaying Spectrum Analyzer
  • Build a fully-interactive GUI.
  • Save and Load the plugin state

PFM::Project11 teaches you how to build a plugin similar to Logic Pro X’s ChannelEQ, but with some extra bells and whistles!

Test out the final plugin here:

PFM::Project11 is a mentored course.

You’ll build this project from scratch and I will review your code.

I will be your project manager and assign work accordingly.

Instructions are provided via a Jira Project board

You’ll submit your work via Pull Requests to a BitBucket repository.

I will review your work and either approve or request changes.

Discussions regarding the project are handled via a private Slack Workspace.

If you get really stuck, we can screen share via Zoom.

30 days of 1-on-1 mentorship via the Slack Workspace is included.  

Mentorship begins immediately upon purchase.  You decide how quickly you want to proceed through the material during the included mentorship period.

The completion time of this course depends entirely on the work the student puts in and their rate of progress through the project.

Continued Mentorship is available here: 

It is recommended that you already know some C++ and how to use GIT to manage the project’s source code, but not required. 

You will learn proper GIT etiquette during this course, if you do not already know it.
Completing PFM::SimpleEQ or PFM::SimpleMultibandComp will prepare you for this project.

You will be challenged by this course!

I highly recommend completing PFM::Project 10 before tackling this course. 

If you want to deeply learn C++, how to use GIT correctly, and JUCE Framework basics, I have the following resources:

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